Best Happy New Year Shayari 2021

Mr. Perfect - November 26, 2020
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Best Happy New Year Shayari 2021

Shayari me kahani is the largest liabiary of Shayari and Quotes. Here You can Different types of Shayari and quotes such as Hindi Love Shayari with sad shayari, romantic shayari, friendship shayari aur life quotes, love quotes, friendship quotes .

When New year come you wish your friend and family member. also wish your near and dear and definitely must you wish you lover, girlfriend and boyfriend . You express your thought , your inner feelings through many new year wishes greetings, Shayari, status video etc. You can freely use my Happy New Year for wishes to your friends and family. You can share my Best Happy New Year Shayari in different social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and also in WhatsApp.

Kahani / कहानी

Wishing you a very happy new year Jana. I am thinking about you. remind us of our story. New year is coming. Early we enjoyed a lot of New Year. But to whom I will wish this year. Remembering everything you were sharing your childhood  happy new year greetings card and photos. I commented on that. How we were sharing moments on New Year by dating. That moment was awesome and memorable. You are not now with me still I feel you with me right now.

You know, every year comes and goes also. Don’t be sad my dear, wishing you a happy new year. In this New Year everything you get is what you want. May your everyday and every night be beautiful, romantic and bright also. Past is always past,  don’t think that is your last. Future is everything. Keep moving and kiss your step ahead. Success will surely hug you and that will be yours. Happy New Year Shayari is for you Sweetheart.

Naya Saal Mubarak

I like to see you, a glimpse of you
First of all to you, happy new year

Achha lagta he dekhne ko ,  teri ek jhalak
Sabse pehele tujhe , naya saal Mubarak

अच्छा लगता हे देखने को ,  तेरी एक झलक
सबसे पहले तुझे , नया साल मुबारक

happy new year shayari greeting card

Happy New year Shayari Greeting Card

Don’t worry , oh my dear
2021 is coming , lets cheer
Wishing you a very happy new year

chinta mat karo, oh mere dear
2021 aa raha hai, chalo karo cheer
Aapko happy new year

चिंता मत करो, ओह मेरे प्रिय
2021 आ रहा है, चलो खुश हो जाओ
आपको नए साल की बहुत बहुत बधाई

happy new year shayari 2021

You are my flower and my sandalwood
New year greetings in advance

Tum mere phool aur  mere chandan ho
Naya saaal ka pehele se abhinandan ho

तुम मेरे फूल और  मेरे चन्दन हो
नया साल का पहले से अभिनन्दन हो

happy new year shayari greeting card

You are my friends, but junior
Come here dear, happy new year

Tum mere dost ho, fiv b junior
Aja mere yaar, chaal happy new year

तुम मेरे दोस्त हो, फीव बी जूनियर
आजा मेरे यार, चाल हैप्पी न्यू ईयर

happy new year shayari greeting card

happy new year shayari hindi love

You are my god , I obey you 
It is late, but not old
Happy new year, sorry my dear

Tum meri rab ho, tumhi ko me mana
Late hua he, par nahi hua he purana
Happy new year, sorry mere jana

तुम मेरी राब हो, तुम्ही को में मन
लेट हुआ हे, पर नहीं हुआ हे पुराण
हैप्पी न्यू ईयर, सॉरी मेरे जाना

happy new year shayari hindi love

please, listen
say, happy new year

suno na
happy new year
bolo na

सुनो na
happy new year
बोलो na

happy new year shayari 2021

Happy New Year
I Love You

new year wishes in hindi

What happened if a little late
In your memory, given the status
Sorry, for late wishes
happy New Year

thoda late hua , to kya hua
teri yaad me to, status dia
sorry, for late wishes
happy new year

थोड़ा लेट हुआ , तो क्या हुआ
तेरी याद में तो, स्टेटस दिए
Sorry, for लेट wishes
हैप्पी न्यू ईयर

happy new year in hindi language

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