Heart Touching Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Mr. Perfect - November 26, 2020
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Heart Touching Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Shayari me Kahani means Story of Life in Shayari and Quotes . I have written here about my life’s incidents, situation, achievement, friend, girlfriend, struggle  etc. This is not only my life story but also the feelings of my heart. Here I am sharing Heart Touching Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend of my Life story through Hindi Love Shayari and Quotes .


Shayari me kahani will tell you about my life journey , that will give you a lesson of how to be happy in your life after facing lots of problems. Happiness is such a thing that anybody wants to get but it is not so easy and the situation makes it different . you will learn how to overcome your depression through my Shayari.

You will learn so many things from my life, And also you will those things also through which you will happy in your life. The shayari me kahani story will give more value. Here I have written about Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend, but you can read my other shayari to impress your girlfriend like Love SMS in Hindi ,  Sad Love Shayari during breakup, Love Shayari SMS for text message, love shayari in hindi for ex girlfriends for Ex-Lover, love shayari image for whatsapp status,  Hindi Love Shayari in English for your english friends and also  Odia Love Shayari for Odia Friends .


when you get depress or fall in love, or enjoying with your friends. In that situation you can express your thought through my Shayari and quotes. And also you can use it in occasionally like happy new year, Nuakhai Juhar, valentine day, Holi. 

You can share my Love Shayari in Hindi with your girlfriends and boyfriends also. During the time of love you can read my Hindi Love Shayari for better knowledge which will give you lesson and you can learn. You can share this Hindi Shayari and Quotes in different social media like  WhatsApp, Facebook, Signal, Instagram, twitter and direct text message also.  All the Best.

love is  not a narrow thinking, rather it is a Life, Nature, and Behavior. Love is respect. In my view love is a beauty of God. After all it is Everythings without its no life can be survive smoothly. Love your mother and father and love to your friends family. and others who have no one like speechless animals.


Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend Image

Be my dream girl,

now I am single


Banja meri Dream girl

Me avi hun single


बंजा मेरी ड्रीम गर्ल

में अवि हूँ सिंगल


Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend
Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend
Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend


Don’t look like this, pagli,,, love will fall


asi nazar se mat dekho, pagli pyaar ho jayega


ऐसी नज़र से मत देखो, पगली प्यार हो जायेगा

You are love, this is Forcedness.

No need breath, but you are Necessary.


Tu pyaar he, ye majburi he

Saanso ki nahi, per teri zaruri he


तू प्यार हे, येमज़बूरीहे.

साँसों की नहीं, परतेरीज़रूरीहे


Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Not myself but I’m with you

without you, I am a living Dead


Khud ki nahi, par me tere sath hun

Tere bina aj me, zinda ek lash hun


खुद की नहीं, परमेंतेरेसाथहूँ

तेरे बिना ajjमें, एकज़िंदा लाश हूँ

Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend
Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Do or not, Some things with you

sense blown away, when I met


Karuu ya naa karuu, tujhse kuch baate.

Hosh udd gaya, jab hua mulaaqate


करूँ या नाकरूँ, तुझसेकुछबातें.

होश उड़ गया, जबहुआमुलाक़ाते

Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Heart is with you, you are my special

Today without you, life is a corpse


Dil tere pass hai, Tu mera khash hai

tere bina aj mai, jinda ek lash hai


दिल तेरे पास है, तू मेरा खास है

तेरे बिना आज में, जिन्दा एक लाश है


love SMS in Hindi for girlfriend


You are love, no business

You are life, no festival


Tu Pyaar Hai, Koi Vyaapar Nahi

Tu Zindagi Hai, Koi Tyohaar Nahi


तू प्यार है, कोई व्यापार नहीं

तू ज़िन्दगी है, कोई त्यौहार नहीं


There was something you had to say

You are not mine, but someone’s ornaments


koi baath tha , jo tujhe kehena hai

tu meri nahi , par kisi ka to gehena hai


कोई बात था , जो तुझे कहना है

तू मेरी नहीं , पर किसी का तो गेहेना है


(Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend)


 everything be found in my life, I did not get anyone’s help

 then it seems Bad,

When you remember, still in remember I do not meet


Sabkuch Mila Zindagi Mai, Na Mila Kisi Ka Sath 

Kharab to Tab Lagta Hai, 

Jab Yaad Ata Hai Tu, Fir Bhi Yaddo Mai Na Hoti Hai Mulaqat


सबकुछ मिला ज़िन्दगी मई, न मिला किसी का साथ 

ख़राब तो तब लगता है, 

जब याद आता है तू, फिर भी याददो मैं न होती है मुलाक़ात

Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Story / Kahani :

I was not a shayar or poet. I was not able to wrote anythings like poem, story eve single line also. But situation made me a shayar. During my school time, I was writing poems but couldn’t write a single word. I had capability but didn’t have any idea.

 Leter, during my college graduation time when I had gone to sambalpur for a competitive exam, I saw a beautiful girl in a passenger train from sambalpur to balangir. Something something happening in my heart by remembering that situation. You will know the condition of my heart after reading Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend.

She was returning to badmal but I was returning to balangir. She was sitting in front of me. I was totally nervous when she saw me. Let it be, I will continue my story in a separate article…

Everything was going well but I forgot to ask her name. very unlucky.

But my real story was started during in a marriage party. I share that situation with my friends. my friends told , woo exactly like a film story. This may be a film. I thought and though day and night. Romantic words came to my mind and started to write.

I thought about that situation for a month. And my thinking power was gradually increasing after thinking about her. Then I started to write a story about her for more than 25 pages which took 6 months. After 5 years I saw her, she already got married when I had gone to a restaurant near fatak in sambalpur. Then, I thought , that was god planning to make me a writer, lyricist, shayar etc. 

    Then I thought GOD was planning for me to became a Everything what I am Today.

I had continued my writing skill and shayari was being passion of my life. I wrote different shayari on different aspects of my life i.e. Hindi Love Shayari, Odia shayari, Love shayari english, sambalpuri shayari, Hindi Love Shayari , dosto shayari, funny shayari, sad love shayari , romantic shayari, dil love shayari, Love Shayari SMS, Life Quotes, Love Quotes, aur Friendship Quotes.

Thanks for reading Shayari Me Kahani and Hindi Love Shayari for Crush.

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