Best Friend Shayari for Girl in Hindi

Mr. Perfect - December 26, 2020
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Best Friend Shayari for Girl in Hindi

You know, a best friend is equal to a library. So you must have some best friends in your life. I know that your best friends are your father, mother, brother, sister but leaving them could be your classmates, juniors, seniors, boys and girls.

Think, if you are spending a moment with your bestie, then that moment is mind-blowing. Sometimes you express your love for your bestie through Quotes and Shayari etc. In this blog I have shared Best Friend Shayari for Girl in Hindi. But you can also share it with your family and friends of boys. Have a great day.

Best Friend Shayari for Girl in Hindi

Dosti se pyaar hota he

Heart is Not as cheap as you think

Friendship can turn to love, but Love can’t turn to friendship …

Jitna tum sochte ho, utna Dil sasti nahi

Dosti se pyaar hota he, pyaar se dosti nahi…

जितना तुम सोचते हो, उतना दिल सस्ती नहीं

दोस्ती से प्यार होता है, प्यार से दोस्ती नहीं…

heart touching shayari for best friend
Best Friend Shayari for Girl in Hindi
hindi shayari dosti ke liye

You said , say something

Not friendship but love

Tumne kaha , kuch to bolona

Dosti nahi, pyaar karona

तुमने कहा , कुछ तो बोलना

दोस्ती नहीं, प्यार करना

funny friendship shayari

When did you touch me for the first time

There was shock, after the lightning

Peheli bar tumne , jab chuan mere hath

Lagi thi shock, bijali jane ke bad

पहली बार तुमने , जब छुअन मेरे हाथ

लगी थी शॉक, बिजली जाने के बाद

2021 special friendship shayari

Tum kaun ho, tumhe nahi janti

Jab puchha name, tum bole shanti

तुम कौन हो, तुम्हे नहीं जानती

जब पूछा नाम, तुम बोले शांति

Best Friend Shayari

Written with a pen on paper

You are friends, but have not learned friendship

Kalam se mene, kagar pe likha

Dost ho tum, par dosti nahi sikha

कलम से मेने, कागज़ पे लिखा

दोस्त हो तुम, पर दोस्ती नहीं सीखा


Heart Touching Shayari for Best Friend
If the finger is fine, the ring is nothing

If you are close then no one is richer than me

and Love is nothing if friend

Ungalee thik he, to ring kuch nahi

tu pas he , to mujhse koi rich nahi

aur dost sath he , to pyaar koi chiz nahi

उंगली ठीक हे, तो रिंग कुछ नहीं

तू पास है , तो मुझसे कोई रिच नहीं

and दोस्त साथ हे , तो प्यार कोई चीज़ नहीं

Kahani / कहानी :

I am writing this poetry thinking about the situation when he said that we will be best friends forever.

I started my post in graduation commerce ( (2014-16) from Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur. I was mad at dance and gave a solo performance of Allu Arjun’s Ringa Ringa at the audition for the annual ceremony at the GMU stage. Many students were impressed with that performance. But a cute-hearted girl **** targeted me.

A few days later our college had a NAAC program. There were going to be many programs for that. Our college college president, sirs, mams, requested me for a performance. I was happy when I heard this but when I came to know that I was going to perform with a girl (duet dance and group dance) I was nervous. College President Announces Who Will Dance With Mantu? Everyone raised their hands. My heartbeat suddenly doubled. An unknown fear came to my heart.

There was 4 ACs inside the conference hall where rehearsals were to take place. Surya Guru was a choreographer who chose a girl for me. “Aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera ‘” and “La la la la lai lalai lala la- (Hum aapke hain kaun)” was the song we were going to present.

There was a step, where I had to touch the girl’s hand, but I could not do that step. I shivered and Heavy sweat was seen in my body inside that AC Conference hall.

All the students laughed at me. I told the choreographer that I am leaving and will not come for the next 3 days, due to medical problems. (The reason was not a medical problem, but a dance with the girl)

After 3 days, when I came to practice. Unfortunately, my partner went to her state for some problems and would not come to the NAAC program.

On the audition for the annual ceremony that day, the girl who targeted me came to me with a brother. Brother introduced me to her. She sat near me and continued eye contact.

He told the choreographer, Mantu’s partner is unavailable and will not attend in the NAAC program. So I will dance as his partner. Both I and she successfully performed the song titled “La La La Lai Lai La La La” (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun film).

That day at 9 o’clock in the night a girl called me. I was surprised and asked him. who are you? Where you got my number ?

He told – I am shanti from English department and I am very big fan of you. I really like you very much. Do you like me? Told me plz

I said – thanks for liking me. I am eating right now. I’ll talk to you later.

She told- When will I call you? 9.30 pm?

I told-okay

After finishing dinner, he called me at around 9.30.

She said- Do you like me? I like you very much from your first look.

I answered who are you? “I don’t know any shanti.”

He said reminding today’s performance. You performed with me. I am not from the English department, I am the girl who was your partner in the evening singing “La La La La Lai Lai Lai La La”.

I said – Oh! You are

He told me- Seriously I LOVE YOU, it is no joke otherwise I will jump from my hostel building.

I said – Plz wait. okey okey I love you

Then, I gave him a love letter to adjust the situation. The love letter was also mind blowing. I will share that love letter in Valentine’s Day.

Then on his birthday, I presented a statue of Lord SAI Radium at the fatak railway station. My friends from J.P.P.G hostel were watching that moment. That thing was going viral in our J.P.P.G hostel. Actually, he was holding a rose; I became completely restless after seeing the rose.

Then one day, I realized that I was in love. But it was too late. She said, ‘I am already engaged to someone’. I innocently asked what I would do now. She said sorry, I can’t love you but we will be best friends till the end of our life. I was very sad. I deleted her mobile number and photo.

After 4 years I messaged him on Facebook, and once again brought his phone number. He kept my number, then did not even talk for 8 months due to my busy schedule. One day I saw the status of his pictures in my telegram.

 I said – Hey sweety

He said- Waoo you. How are you, what are you doing, are you married, etc. etc.

I keep my commitment that we are best friends till the end of life.


To be continued…

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