Heart Touching Breakup Shayari for Girlfriend

Mr. Perfect - December 28, 2020
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Heart Touching Breakup Shayari for Girlfriend and Boyfriends

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When you fall in love with someone. Then you take it seriously. This means that a bond of automatic bonding comes into your life. That power is greater than magnetic power. You forget your food, sleep and other things because of too much love. After the relationship, you and your lover think about your future. What will be your future? Those things are the most important subject in love. Whether your marriage will be happen with love one or not.

There are two situations in that time or whether you get married with your lover or not. If you are not married with love, then the reason may be casteist or parents’ choice. It can be fixed. Mutual understanding may be possible in lovers.

The dangerous thing in Love is that, if the girl or boy cheats with you by associating with another, and breaks up with you. That time is very sad. A person with a weak heart may commit suicide due to that type of incident.

The most dangerous turn of life. If there is true love – either you wake up or you fall. 

Manned or ruined – you can learn from my this Heart Touching Breakup Shayari 


Heart Touching Breakup Shayari

More than life, loved you

Winning the luck, found you

Now what will I do with this life, where you are no more


Zindagi se jyada, tujhe chaha

kismat se jitkar, tujhe paya

ab iss zindagi ka kya karu, janha tu na raha


ज़िन्दगी से ज्यादा, तुझे चाहा

किस्मत से जीतकर, तुझे पाया

अब इस ज़िन्दगी का क्या करूँ, जंहा तू न रहा

heart touching breakup shayari
Heart Touching Breakup Shayari for Girlfriend


I need to get back my ex girlfriend .Today we meet but unfortunately it was bad idea.


Breakup shayari images


I was Paper , when you were Pen

I am wounded now, but no ointment


Kagaj tha me, jab tum the kalam

Jakham hun abhi, par nahi he malhum


कागज था में, जब तुम थे कलम

जखम हूँ अभी, पर नहीं हे मरहम

Breakup shayari images


I loved a guy who were in relationship and he also loved me but now he is choosing his previous BF over me what should I do . I really want him.


All was false, when my love was true

Nobody could do it, there was so much love


Sab jhut tha , jab sach tha mera chahat

Koi kar na sake, tha itna beintihan mohabbat


सब झूठ था , जब सच था मेरा चाहत्त

कोई कर न सके, था इतना बेइंतिहां मोहब्बत

breakup shayari for boyfriend,BREAKUP SHAYARI,heart touching shayari,
breakup shayari for girlfriend



(attitude breakup shayari)

Bring The dagger you said, thought vegetable cut

Did not know,  you would kill me


Khanjar laoo bole, socha sabji katogi

Pata nahi tha , usise tum mujhe marogi


खंजर लाऊ बोले, सोचा सब्जी कटगी

पता नहीं था , उससे तुम मुझे मरोगी




What was the power of hate, which adopted you

You knew, still you cheat me


Nafrat ki taqat kyat tha, jo tujhe apna li

Tu to janti thi, fir bhi mujhe  chaakhma di


नफरत की ताक़त क्यात था, जो तुझे अपना ली

तू तो जानती थी, फिर भी मुझे  चाकहमे दी


heart touching breakup shayari in english

man was poor with bad luck

money was not enough, money was the reason of breakup


Banda thoda garib tha, bigda hua nasib tha

Paiso ka kami tha, dhoka dia sayad reason hi money tha


बाँदा थोड़ा गरीब था, बिगड़ा हुआ नसीब था

पैसो का कामी था, धोका दिअ सायद reason ही मनी था



if you kill me directly, I could be happy

but you killed me with playing


Are direct mar deta to , achha lagta 

Lekin tune to mujhe tadap tadap k mara 


अरे डायरेक्ट मर देता तो , अच्छा लगता 

लेकिन तूने तो मुझे तड़प तड़प क मारा हे


breakup shayari for boyfriend

Whoever has left, forget them

Then why am I crying silently


Jo chod k chala gaya he , use bhula dia hun

Fir chup chup k me kyun ro raha hun


जो छोड़ के चला गया हे , उसे भुला Dia हुन

फिर चुप चुप के में क्यों रो रहा हूँ

breakup shayari for boyfriend,BREAKUP SHAYARI,heart touching shayari,
breakup shayari for boyfriend


breakup shayari bewafa

Gave hearts, gave bills

Later to you killed, today I felt


Dil dia , bill dia

Badd me tu kill kiya, Aj mene feel kiya


दिल दिए , बिल दिए

बड्ड में तू किल किया, आज मैंने फील किया



(heart touching shayari)

First you hugged, did little to make up

lots of Loved , then you broke up


Pehele tune hug kiya, thoda tu make up kiya

Bahat sara love kiya, fir tu breakup kiya


पहले तूने हग्ग किया, थोड़ा टु मेक उप किया
बहत सारा लव किया, फिर तू ब्रेकअप किया

breakup shayari for girlfriend

So you cheated,

but I am that men

I am not dirty

Taking your honor is not my AIM

 Istarha dhoka tune di, 

Fir b bandaa me wahi

Me to ganda men nahi 

Tere izzat lena mera aim nahi

इसतरहा धोका तूने दी, 

फिर बी बन्दा में वही

में तो गन्दा में नहीं 

तेरे इज़्ज़त लेना मेरा एआईएम नहीं


Leave the world for you

Why are you a traitor, break my heart


Tere Liye Duniya Ko Choda

Gaddar Ho ke Kyun Mere Dil ko Toda

तेरे लिए दुनिया को छोड़

गद्दार हो के क्यूँ मेरे दिल को तोडा

Heart Touching Breakup Shayari,HINDI SHAYARI,
Heart Touching Breakup Shayari for Girlfriend


Story / Kahani:

Everything was going well. She was cooking a new testy recipe with her own. When we were going to Sambalpur together , she brought gajar ka halwa in a tiffin for me. I ate that tiffin and kissed it when I got it. She  also gifted me chocolate also.

During her birthday, she called me before 5 minutes i.e. 11.55 p.m for digital celebration by online video call.

One day , she and I went to samalei temple. During that time a phone call was coming to her phone. I saw that it was a known guys name…….

I told her – what is this

She told – nothing, he called and messaged me but I does not reply

And blocked his number in front of me.

I thought my love is very beautiful in the world.

We were very transparent. Her documents , mobile, password etc were in me. I also ordered her mobile phone from flipkart. I kept that mobile nearly two month because she already has one.

During the time of MPhil thesis work , I have been told that if there are any requirements then tell me, I will arrange it. But she was not telling about her project, rather told that guy whom she blocked in front of me in samalei temple.

Her email id was connected with my email id. From that I was able know that guy have sent her project report.

(I couldn’t think that I would doubt or not.  How I will doubt to my love)

Then I was shocked by what happened. Are you blocked by that guy , then how he knew about your thesis .

She told – I thought you may be busy. So I did not disturbed to you. I called one of my brothers. He referenced that guy and that guy arranged the thesis for me.

Without telling me you have done this things

Ok. Called him.

And say brother

She remain silent

(Doubt started)

For the very first time doubt on her came to mind.

In the early , her every secret was in me i.e. phone number, pass word, and other details etc. but after that situation, she behaved like something hidden to me. When I bought her mobile, she refused

I told – what happened

She- nothing, I don’t have anything

(Doubt was increase to 20%)

I told – it’s okey, sweetheart

Then, I started to know about what may be behind the scene of this game. I started tracking the real truth behind her beautiful face. RAZZ

I already had installed truecaller and she also. I was always seeing truecaller between every 5, 10 minutes. One day at night around 9.30 pm , her true caller called a button shown as on call with a red button. I called her , but it was busy.

Suddenly I saw that guy number. Exactly both of the numbers were shown as on call with a red button in true caller. Then after sometime , she call back

I told- with whom you were talking ?

She told- with my big sister

I told – ha ha ha…Are you sure

Give me a screenshot your recent calls list

She told- it has deleted,

To be Continued…

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