Love Shayari in Hindi for Ex Girlfriend

Mr. Perfect - January 3, 2021
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  Love Shayari in Hindi for Ex Girlfriend

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कहानी / Kahani :

I was loving someone very much. In my vision love is respect and trust. Now, she is not with me, still missing. Her smile and eye contact was mind blowing. I was delighted when she put a smile on his face.

Now he has grabbed the hands of others. He married someone but it is not so painful as he betrayed me. He has done everything intentionally. This means that he has made no mistake but practices cheating.

Let it, I think it should happen. I am the lucky person who has faced that kind of sweet situation. In this article I am going to express how much love and feelings I have for her after cheating on me.

Missing Ex GF Status in Hindi

You have leave me alone

And gave me a memory in a lone.


tumne mujhe akela chhod diya hai

aur mujhe ek ruun  mein ek smrti diya he.


तुमने मुझे अकेला छोड़ दिया है

और मुझे एक ऋण में एक स्मृति दिया है।




You are my life, piece of liver

You come in dreams, and your face


Tu jaan hai meri, jigar ka tukda

Sapno me aata hai tu, aur teri bo mukhda


तू जान है मेरी, जिगर का टुकड़ा

सपनो में आता है तू, और तेरी बो मुखड़ा


Dear Ex Shayari

Love you so much that no one can

Even today I want it, but it can never happen.


Pyaar tujhe itna he, ki koi kar na  sake

Aj bhi chahata hun , par kabhii ho na sake.


प्यार तुझे इतना हे, की कोई कर ना  सके

आज भी चाहता हूँ , पर कभी हो ना सके.

sad status for ex gf in hindi
 Love Shayari in Hindi for Ex Girlfriend




I will die, I will not torture you

How much is love to you, never told you


Jaan b dunga tuje, isliye kavi sataya nahi

Pyaar kitna he tujhe, kabhi bataya hi nahi


जान बी दूंगा तुझे, इसलिए कवी सताया नहीं

प्यार कितना है तुझे, कभी बताया ही नहीं


Attitude Shayari for EX GF in Hindi

There was something you had to say

Not with me today, but someone’s jewel


Koi baat tha, jo tujhe kahena he

Mere sath nahi, par kisi ki to gehenna he


कोई बात था, जो तुझे कहना है

आज मेरे साथ नहीं, पर किसी की तो गहना है




Got everything in life,

But no one got a hand.

I have it all, but why not she with me


Sabkush mila zindagi me, par na mila kisi ka hath

Sab mere pass he, par kyun bo nahi mere sath


सबकुश मिला ज़िन्दगी में, 

पर ना मिला किसी का हाथ

सब मेरे पास है, पर क्यूँ बो नहीं मेरे साथ

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