Sad Hindi Love Shayari image

Mr. Perfect - January 13, 2021
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Sad Hindi Love Shayari image

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Zindagi me kavi kavi khusi ki jagaha dukh ke sath bhi dosti karna padta he. Aur agar kisi se pyaar karte ho to sadness moment ayega hi ayega. us time ap mere Hindi Love Shayari Imagae ko dekh kar apna dukh ko mita sakte ho. You can share  my love shayari image with your close one.


One day she told me that you are very talented ,You will get a very beautiful and nice girl from me too. I said I want only you. I don’t have an option. you are only one for me whom I like more than me.

She told – really, I’m not that much. As much as you want. You will get a perfect one.

I said – what happened to you

She said – joking

(I felt a doubt on her to talk like this.)

One day she told me something which vibrated my heart. She told we are both different caste. what will be our future, We can’t married. Here No intercaste married is allowed in our caste.  Then she told we should thought about our career. then told, from today we will not talk more , career first. We should focus on career.

(I able to know about her love affair with someone)

(I am seeing when she told herself about her love affair)

There was no any doubt in my mind. I was sure she was playing with me.

But I can’t do anything, because I Love her very much .

New year was coming, In December, it was revealed that she was playing the game with me. I use some technique that she spoke herself.

Then I said to her – you played a good game

She kept quiet….

Remember, there was such a boy in the world who love you very very much. What can a boy do for a girl?

He can give you home, wealth, money, Dimond etc. But There was a Boy who love can give his life for you. He hearty love you , madly love you .

If I wanted, I leaked your all secret and Lose your character, But didn’t do anything.

Could have killed you



How can I kill you, you are my life.

Now even saying these things, I hate myself. Why did I love a girl like you?

Remember, every Mantu can be human, but not every human can be Mantu. Say Thank to God, that you have found a lover like me, If there was any other instead of me, then you can’t show your face in front of mirror and may be you die.

What have I Done ? A simple boy who don’t know anything, You played a dangerous game with me. If you were in need of money then why didn’t you say, Listen, by selling my kidney, I would fulfill your dreams. Go…. What to do. Maybe there was no love in my destiny.

Listen, a man can give a woman all his wealth. But remember, there was such a boy who can gives his life for you, he will not come in front of your life again. All the Best for your Bright Future.

Sad Hindi Love Shayari

 Yaad teri ati he , avi bi mujhe satati he

Bhul jau kese tujhe, iss dil tujhe bulati he


याद तेरी आती है ,अभी भी मुझे सताती हे

भूल जाऊ कैसे तुझे, इस दिल तुझे बुलाती है

sad shayari photo, hindi shayari image, shayari photo download
Hindi Love Shayari image 

Photo delete kiya, fir bi kyun yaad me ati he.

Zinda rahekar bi mera , kyun jane jati he.


फोटो डिलीट किया, फिर भी क्यों याद में आती है.

ज़िंदा रहकर भी मेरा , क्यूँ जाने जाती हे.

Sad Hindi Love Shayari image


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