Quotes About Donate Blood

Mr. Perfect - July 24, 2021
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Today world Blood is the serious cause for death of a patent . so every one should come or mover forward to giving blood. if you are giving the blood means you are giving life for some people. so this is a very great work and god job. you will bless by many people. you will able to know as a social worker also by arranging or giving the blood to the needy. So here I am going to motivate you all for the Blood Donation by my Quotes About Donate Blood.

Quotes about Donate Blood
Quotes about Donate Blood

You can read my Blood Donation Quotes In Hindi

Quotes About Donate Blood

I have to give

give my blood

Lets Donate Blood

you have to live

fight with the death

I have to give now

my blood is yours

you have to live

Happiness is your jewellary

you have to live

fight with the death

you have to live with the pain

you have to fight with yourself

you have to live

you have to come

to be happy

have to laugh

have to be alive

What will this youth do?

After May Be, King or Queen

but his story is incomplete

Will die without blood.

The river of tear will be go.

can you see it all

It is useless to live like this.

Many have long car.

That’s bad news.

Die without blood.

No one is harmed by giving blood

In return someone gets a smile

By giving blood, blood does not decrease

Rather our physical power increases

In return, the sorrow of some people disappears.

Let’s donate brother, we are with you

But as long as I want to live.

help on the spot

and donate  blood

Come, my friend, be yourself ready.

Together everyone celebrates the festival of blood donation

With you mr. perfect

And start the blood test

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