Shayari on FB (Facebook)

Mr. Perfect - July 5, 2021
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Shayari on FB – FACEBOOK

Fb is everybody’s life

I don’t say this

Everybody says this


Shayari on FB (Facebook)

Shayari on FB (Facebook)


Some people don’t have any book

But one book is really close to everybody

That book is fb and it is with everybody


Hats off to Zuckerberg who did such a great job

Made an app and named it fb

It reduced communication gap and increased unknown friendships


I too have such a story which i want to share with everybody

Listen carefully , everybody who loves f


It was then when fb was a trend

I was in plus two when one of my bro made my id

He advice me

To chat


I then opened fb ac

Sent request to few

Everybody accepted my request

There was a girl amongst them



I said hello hi

She said hi hi

I asked how r u

I though she got a lil angry

As she didn’t reply to me

After some time she asked

What does your father do?

I thought what sort of reply is this?

I directly asked her

Y? Do you want to marry me or something?.


Listen, my father is an artist

He has made me

The person u are chatting with now

He will be famous some day and then

You l regret when i l get married


She unfreind me then

I thought what happened? Did i say something bad?.

Then I thought it is not my mistake

Mr. perfect is not in your friend list today as u unfriend him

One day u will be in my fan list

U l google me n search abt me in Wikipedia



Then you will go to your frend and say

Look look i know him

Your friends will say

Not only you, whole world knows him

We consider ourselves his great fan

Then you will go to your mom and papa and will say them mummy mummy papa papa i want to marry this guy

Your patents will say

No daughter no. It is not possible.

He is a superstar and we have just only 4



What do you have?  You have nothing?

What kind of family do u belong to? You just have little money and pride with u


Keep it with u


I don’t want such a fakebook friend like u


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